Goa Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers Association
Goa Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers Association


Global Pharma Market And Indian Pharmaceutical Industry an overview By Dr. Praveen Khullar, GPMA     

Dr. Khullar in his Presidential address gave an overview of the Global Pharmaceutical scenario

GPMA – Change of Guard  

The Goa Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers’ Association (GPMA) held its Annual General Body Meeting on 29th July 2018 at Hotel Mandovi, Panaji. At the AGM, The achievements of the previous two years and the financial report were presented to the members.


Shri.Francis D’Souza, Dy.Chief Minister and Health Minister addressing the gathering in connection GPMA’s AGM at Panaji. Also seen Shri. Narendran, ADC, CDSCO Goa, Shri Siddharth Kuncalienker, EDC Chairman and MLA from Panaji, Shri Suresh Kamath, GPMA President, Shri. Salim Veljee, FDA Director, Shri. Pant, Treasurer GPMA.


Goa Pharmaceutical Manufacturer’s Association, in partnership with Indian Drug Manufacturer’s Association, SOTAX and ACG Worldwide had the pleasure of hosting the Conference series on NEW INSIGHTS IN TABLET MANUFACTURING & TESTING at Hotel Fidalgo, Goa


Goa Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers Association (GPMA) held an interactive session titled "Pharma Industry in Goa- Future"

Medical Health Check up camp for detection of Diabetes, Hypertension and Blood Group  

Goa Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers Association (GPMA) and Indian Medical Association Ponda Charitable Trust, organized a Medical Health Check up camp for detection of Diabetes, Hypertension and Blood Group for the benefit of contractual employees working in Verna Industrial Estate. The camp was conducted in company premises of M/S Blue Cross Laboratories Limited on February 1, 2015.


Goa Pharmaceuticals Manufacturer's Association (GPMA) and Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA) Goa State Branch organized a high value adding seminar on the topic "Data Integrity Issues - Understanding and Resolution" by Ms. Rachel Carmichael, GMP Inspector from MHRA - UK at Hotel Mandovi, Panaji, Goa.

GPMA & Indian Pharmaceutical Association Seminar - 8th September, 2014  


At the AGM of Goa Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Association held at Hotel Mandovi,Panaji the new Executive Committee of GPMA headed by President A.K.Burman took over.


GPMA in collaboration with MSME will be holding a workshop on MANAGEMENT OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS on Friday 16th March at Hotel Mandovi from 9.00am. The Workshop will be inaugurated by Shri Salim Veljee, Director,FDA Goa. Introduction: IPRs are simply 'legal rights associated with creations of the mind which have got commercial value'. Since creations of the mind are very diverse e.g. painting, songs, movies, new drugs, new processes, innovative products, designs, new varieties of plants etc. one mechanism is not possible for protecting all creations of the mind. Thus, there are 8 different mechanisms for protecting creations of the mind or Intellect. These are Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Industrial Designs, Plant Varieties Protection, Layout Designs of ICs registration, Geographical Indications and Trade Secrets. Intellectual Property Rights are closely linked to monopoly rights for the innovator companies and individuals as a reward for 'creativity' and are universally recognized and enforced across the world. Usefulness of IPRs in Business: Just like physical property, intellectual property is an 'asset' which can be bought and sold. It is in fact the 'intellectual capital' of an industry and can drastically change the valuation of 'knowledge intensive industries' like pharma, diagnostics, biologicals, etc. "Intellectual Property Rights" or IPRs can thus play a very powerful role in enhancing BUSINESS PROFITS of Pharma Companies such as goodwill of an industry can be protected by 'trademarks', while innovative packaging, brochures and catalogs can by protected by Copyright. Shapes can be protected by Industrial Designs whereas innovative processes and products can be patented. There are several methods by which IPRs can be used by Industry to enhance business profits and protect goodwill and products. However, due to lack of awareness, most Industries are unable to exploit the usefulness of IPRs in enhancing business profits and strategic planning. About the Workshop. The present workshop organized jointly by MSME, Development Institute (Govt. of India, Ministry of MSME) and Goa Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' Association (GPMA), GOA is an attempt to create awareness on how IPRs can be useful in business. It is a highly practical oriented workshop with eminent speakers from all over India. It will focus in a very simple and easy manner on how IPRs can be used as a 'tool' for increasing business profits and enhancing competitiveness of MSMEs in global market. Adequate time will be provided for interactive discussions with speakers and also for taking up case studies and live demonstrations on how IPRs can be useful for MSMEs. DAY-One (16th March 2012) Usefulness of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) in enhancing business profits of MSMEs-  What are IPRs? basic concept & Importance of IPRs in Pharma Industry?  How can they help Industry to enhance business profits?  Case Stories on how industries used IPRs practically to safeguard their interests  Usefulness of patents & Practical aspects of patenting  Myths and Misconceptions about patents  Case Stories relating to patents and profits (real life, from Indian Industries)  Benefits of setting up an IPR Cell in an Industry-Govt. Incentives and Concessions  Practical aspects of setting up IPR CELL in industry- resources and investments needed How to get patents? Procedure, time, cost and legal issues. Claims writing, Patent Searches & Analysis etc. PCT & PCT Process: Various ways to commercialize 'Knoledge' Protection & Maintenance of IPRs: cases of Infringements & Passing off in Pharmaceutical Industry- case studies DAY-Two 1-2-1 Business Meeting/counseling (on prior appointmentbasis) Target Group: Pharma Manufacturers, Traders, Managers, R&D Personnel, Research Institutes, Academicians, Students etc. ORGANIZERS: MSME-Development Institute, under the Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India, which has been implementing many schemes, conducting nationwide workshops and training programmes of relevance to MSMEs is organizing this workshop. MSME-DI, Goa and GPMA have organized a series of highly relevant & result oriented programmes/Workshops in the past, especially for Goa Pharmaceutical Cluster. Interventions were made in the areas of cGMP, Pharmaceutical Packaging, Energy Conservation, Energy Audits, Calibration & Validation of Analytical Equipments, Total Production Management, Pharmaceutical Plant Engineering, QA & QC, Export marketing to name a few. RESOURCE FACULTIES: Experienced & highly qualified practicing professionals in relevant fields from following Institutions:: - National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (NIPER) - Controller General of Indian Patents & Designs, Mumbai - DH Law Associates, Mumbai. For further details & Registration please contact: MANAGEMENT OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS (IPRs) (Workshop cum Counseling for Indian Pharma Companies) At Hotel Mandovi, Panaji-Goa Organised by MSME-DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE (Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India) In association with GOA PHARMACEUTICAL MANUFACTURERS' ASSOCIATION

Limiting of Paracetamol in fixed dose combinations  

The DCGI has asked the State Licencing Authorities not to grant fresh licences or renewals of fixed dose combinations containing more than 325 mg of Paracetamol per tablet/capsule.Relevant circulars issued by the FDA,Goa are sent by email to all members of GPMA.


The first consignment of Pharma Exports from Mormugao Port was flagged off in the hands of Mr. Mara Pandiyan,IAS Chairman of Mormugao Port Trust in the presence od Mr. VPC Rao, Commissioner of Customs & Central Excise& Service Tax,Goa and Shri Salim veljee, Director FDA,Goa.This was done at the plant of Sanofi-Aventis,Verna. At the function arranged on this occasion Mr. Mara Pandiyan complimented GPMA for taking the initiative and assured all the help in their efforts. Mr. Salim Veljee said that this was a classic example of team work and working in close co-ordination of the four agencies viz. MPT,Customs,FDA and GPMA.Mr. VPC Rao, Commissioner of Customs said though this exercise will not generate any revenue for his department, he welcomed it and hoped that imports of pharma too will also start soon from Mormugao. Mr. Arun Naik, President,GPMA narrated the sequence of events that led to this and thanked each and every Government agency and person for their support and co-operation.Though the exercise of opening up the Mormugao port was initiated a long time back, it got stuck up at the compilation of data on exports and Mr. Arun Naik complimented Shri Salim Veljee, Director FDA for putting his weight behind the efforts to complile import/export data from Pharma manufacturers. Shri Salim Veljee was also instrumental in inviting Dr. Surinder Singh,the then DCGI to Goa and constantly egging on to him to set up the office of ADC at Mormugao Port. Mr. Arun Naik thanked the Chairman,MPT for providing residential quarters for the ADC at MPT. He also thanked Mr. VPC Rao,Commissioner of Customs for readily giving the premises at Customs House, Mormugao to house the office of the ADC.Dr. Ramakrishna,Dy DCGI(West Zone) was also thanked for all his efforts.Mr. Mathew Cherian,Senior Director,Aventis Pharma made a brief presentation of his company and was complimented by eberyone present for his initiative in sending the first consignment from Mormugao.The program was attended by Pharmaceutical manufacturers, officers of FDA,Goa, Dy Chairman and other officers of MPT and officers of Customs & Central Excise besides some shipping agents .

Sub-Zonal Office of DCGI West Zone starts functioning at Mormugao Port  

According to a Public Notice issued by the Dy Drugs Controller(I) Dr Ramakrishna, the sub-zonal office of DCGI (West Zone) has started functioning from 3rd Floor, Custom House Building, Mormugao Port with effect from 16th November,2011.Mr. Navneet Pratap Singh has been appointed as the DI incharge of this office.

Formation of New Executive Committee  

Notice of Formation of New Executive Committee is attached herewith.

GPMA holds a Workshop with MHRA  

The Goa Pharmaceutical Manufacturers' association successfully conducted MHRA Workshop on GMP Inspection and Regulatory Practices at Hotel Marriott, Panaji on Saturday 15th October. Dr Prakash Mody, Chairman of Unichem Laboratories, Mumbai inaugurated the workshop in the presence of Shri Salim Veljee, Director,FDA,Goa.


The Drugs controller General of India Dr. Surinder Singh announced on sunday that Mormugao will be notified as a pharma import/export port under the Drugs & Cosmetics Act. He was speaking at an interaction with leaders of Pharma industry in Goa at a Hotel in Panaji.


The extent of spurious drug in retail pharmacy is much below the projections made by various media, WHO, SEARO, and other studies i.e. only 0.046 % (11 samples out of 24,136 samples

Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission releases Pharmacopoeia 2010 edition  

The Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission (IPC) has released the sixth edition of the Indian Pharmacopoeia (IP 2010). It is presented in three volumes and the scope of the Pharmacopoeia has been extended to include products of biotechnology,

One Day Technical Seminar on Good Quality Practices held  

A technical seminar on "Good Quality Practices" for the technical personnel and scientists across pharmaceutical industries in Goa was held at Hotel Mandovi

FDA limits Timeframe for Responding to a 483  

When deficiencies are found during an inspection, they are noted in a so-called form 483 (483 is the number of the form used). The report is handed out by the investigator at the end of the inspection. In the past, some firms only responded to parts of these reports or sent an official response with a delay of several weeks. In a new programme starting on 15 September 2009, the FDA intends to set the timeframe for statements and responses to a 483 to a maximum of 15 business days. It is the aim of this

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Global Pharma Market And Indian Pharmaceutical Industry an overview By Dr. Praveen Khullar, GPMA

Dr. Khullar in his Presidential address gave an overview of the Global Pharmaceutical scenario..... | read more

GPMA – Change of Guard

The Goa Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers’ Association (GPMA) held its Annual General Body Meeting on..... | read more


Shri.Francis D’Souza, Dy.Chief Minister and Health Minister addressing the gathering in co..... | read more